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Personalised Blanket and Bunny Comforter Gift Box


A beautiful gift set for that special little one in your life.

Comes with:

1 x Personalised bobble blanket

1 x Personalised bobble bunny comforter

1 x Pair of pom pom booties (can be changed if needed, just message us for options)


The white box the items comes in can actually be used as a keepsake box.

When you choose what colour theme you’d like the set, each item will be that colour, for example, you choose a blue set, then the blanket, comforter and booties will all be blue. If you’d like anything different then please do write this is the personalised box alongside the name you’d like on the items. So, you could have, a blue blanket, white comforter and white booties for instance.

For colours in the embellishments you have chosen, if there’s more than one colour, please let me know if you have a particular colour palette you’d like. If I have any queries I shall email you and shall wait 24 hours for a response, if one isn’t received I’ll base it upon the thread colour choice for the name. (I’ll make it look lovely i promise!)

Colours of threads for example, the LIGHT version, blue or pink etc, is a pale, light version of that colour, the MEDIUM versions are a lovely shade to not be too stand outish or not too light. The ROYAL or Fushia (pink) are the bright bold versions of that colour and shall stand out considerably.


Font in image is OLIVE in FUSHIA PINK thread.



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