Massage Soap Bars


⭐ Soap Massage Bars ⭐


Our soap bars are made without using SLS.


They are high in Glycerin content which moisturises, smooths, enhances and protects your skin.


The massage bar shape is designed to stimulate circulation and relieve tension, to relax any achy muscles in the body.


For in either showers or baths.


Scents available are:



La vie est belle

Snow fairy

Dark Opium

Mango and papaya

White bird (Dove)


Cread Eventus

Mr millions


They last for ages!


At only £4 each, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.





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Aliens, Cread Eventus, Dark Opium, La Vie Est Belle, Mango and Papaya, Mr Millions, Savage, Snow Fairy, White Bird